Aqua Face- and Bodypaint palette 12 BRIGHT colours 139-63.3

Weight: 223.6 g

The Superstar Aqua Face- and Bodypaint Palette contains a very user-friendly water make-up of high quality and meets all strict requirements of the European Cosmetics Legislation (1223/2009 / EC). The colours are nice and clear, the make-up works pleasantly and is easy to remove. A thin layer of Superstar Aqua Face- and Bodypaint is sufficient to create a nice covering base. The make-up dries quickly and does not stain.

The matt colours are ideal for painting the base and setting lines. Because the glossy colours of Superstar Aqua Face- and Bodypaint are a bit softer, they are very suitable for the basis of your creations. Because the shimmer colours are a bit softer, you don't need a lot of water to activate the make-up.

Colours: Fire Red 035, White 021, Black 023, Bright Yellow 044, Green 041, Bubblegum 105, Bright Blue 043, Silver (Shimmer) 056, Gold (Shimmer) 141, Chocolate 024, Purple 038, Dark Orange 036


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